Waste Not

Great post from tradingmyplace with many possible changes anyone can make for a greener lifestyle:

Trading My Place

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been taking steps to pull my life into line with my values. A significant element of this process is examining my impact on the environment.  You see, I’ve always had an environmental activist inside of me, it first began to appear in my primary school poetry and writing group (where all of my work would carry a message of sustainability) and that never really went away.

What took some time was figuring out exactly what it meant to live sustainably. It’s a term that tends to mean different things to different people and can often depend on where we live.

I’ve been doing some homework and have found information and inspiration that makes sense to me from a number of sources including: The Minimalists (sustainability isn’t strictly ‘their topic’ but I still see a relationship), Green Metropolis, The Story of Stuff

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